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BMW - from grandpa's to yours

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        Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, in English, Bavarian Motor Works, like Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer. The man behind this vimax pills order was Karl Friedrich Rapp. This started in the year 1913. It was not known to everyone that BMW was then a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Rapp established "Rapp-Motorenwerke" in Munich. He started to manufacture his own aircraft engines. Unfortunately, they suffered from problems with Streamate vibrations.

Rapp Motoren Werke experienced different problems with the reliability of the aircraft engines. Due to financial problems, Rapp decided to resign from the jasminlive company in the year 1916. Two Austrians then took over. They were Franz-Josef Popp and Max Fritz. They were able to convince Gustav Otto to merge with them. The merging of the "Gustav Flugmaschinefabrik" and "Bavarian Aircraft Works" gave birth to Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke. The livejasmin company was then renamed to BMW and in 1918 became BMW AG.

The very first aircraft engine of BMW, Type Illa, was produced during the year 1917. It features a unique "high-altitude carburetor" developed by Fritz that allows it to develop full power at jasmin cams altitude.

After a year, the said aircraft engine powered a biplane to 5,000 meters altitude in just 29 minutes. During those days, it was already a very impressive jasmin cam performance. It then led to the strong demand for BMW engines.

The successor of Type Illa was born in the year 1919. It was named Type IV. With this new engine, Franz Zeno Diemer was able to set an jasminelive altitude record of 9, 760 meters.

The present logo of BMW seen in the cars today was introduced in the early 1920s. It was based on the circular design of an aircraft propeller.

The company thought of other products and so they started to build engines for motorcycles. They designed the M2 B 15 for the "Victoria" motorcycle. This was the first BMW motorcycle engine and was produced from 1920 to 1922. The first motorized bicycle named "Flink" paved its way in the year 1921. It was powered by a Kurier two stroke engine. In 1922, the first BMW factory was built.

The year 1928 marked the beginning of the BMW car. The company bought the car factory at Eisenach/Thuringia and with it the license to build a small car called the Dixi 3/15. the Dixi was the counterpart of Austin 7. The German version of Dixi was BMW Dixi DA/1. This period was the best for BMW since it was beginning of all the success it is experiencing until now.

Why choose BMW?

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        There are a variety of reasons why people buy BMW Cars. When you consider the reviews about BMW cars from the market it is quite impressive indeed. So, what are the specific reasons due to which buyers prefer to buy BMW Cars? As the various reasons are explored, the first one is the dedication to quality, which the company provides. All the cars manufactured by the company are known to exhibit high-class quality.

        The automobile engineering team at BMW is very organized and comes up with innovative car manufacturing plans. This results in the creation of well-designed cars which consist of precise parts needed for a smooth driving experience. Over the years the company has remained committed towards the aspect of quality and thus the global customers have found enough reasons to buy cars. The company has expanded its operations in the different parts of the world including the US. The American citizens like to buy BMW cars as much as they like to buy Chevrolet or Ford.

        People, who buy BMW cars, also share their experience of superior level of comfort. You can drive at very fast speeds and just add to it the comfort level that is provided to you. It's like racing ahead within a classy ambiance. The brand provides you with full value for your money. The efficiency level, which the cars provide you in terms of performance, is certainly world class. You have plenty of options when you are looking to buy BMW Cars. You can buy them from the various dealership stores across the United States or just conduct online bookings as well.

        The company that manufactures of this cars also manufactures world-class motorcycles as well. These motorcycles are also extremely innovative as far as quality and designs are concerned. If the manufacturing history of the motorcycles and the cars are compared, the motorcycles go back to a longer period of time.

Eternal question - BMW or Mercedes?

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        German cars have long been recognized as some of the best engineered and most luxurious cars in the world. Two manufacturers, BMW and Mercedes, rule the roost with offerings from Audi, Porsche, and even Volkswagen getting some attention. Let's take a look at some current offerings from these Bavarian giants and see how they are impacting the auto industry.

BMW - Give BMW credit for moving outside of the box by building a plant in South Carolina. Opened in 1994, the Spartanburg, SC plant has produced the Z3 - now Z4 - roadster as well as the X5 SAV. Seeking to become more of a world player, BMW has also purchased controlling interest in other automakers including Rolls-Royce and Rover during the 1990s. Later, BMW sold off the Rover and MG portions of Rover, but has kept the Mini brand.

        BMW vehicles are well represented in the US. Coupes, sedans, convertibles, roadsters, and SUVs make up the American fleet with new cars at various stages of development being prepared for release.

Mercedes Benz - As part of the Daimler Chrysler fold, Mercedes Benz has been producing high quality automobiles for over a century. In 1998, seeking to expand its reach, Daimler Chrysler [DCX] bought out the Chrysler Corporation. Names such as Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, and Mopar became part of the DCX fold, although Plymouth was discontinued a few years later.

        The Mercedes Benz name is synonymous with luxury vehicles and in the US the company is well represented by a host of sedans, coupes, convertibles, tall wagons, SUVs, roadsters, and other fine vehicles.

        Owners of BMWs and Mercedes Benz do have some things in common: vehicle maintenance. As high end vehicles, the automakers are noted for equipping their cars with only the finest OEM parts. Well represented manufacturers used by both companies include: Bosch, Hella, Mahle, Textar, Brembo, Bilstein, Febi, SKF, and others. Most are German born and bred and are recognized the world over for producing the highest quality parts for auto manufacturers.

        Replacement auto parts purchased through dealer parts departments are priced at a premium. When you take into consideration any tariffs, import fees, and third party mark ups, consumers can expect to pay a mint for each part. The growing internet wholesale market has been changing the paradigm lately as companies such as Car Parts Stuff are selling direct to consumers. The better online wholesalers have lowered costs significantly as overhead is low and they buy direct from leading manufacturers. This translates into real savings for you, the consumer.

        When purchasing any parts for your luxury car, always determine that the parts you order meet or exceed OEM specifications. There are a lot of counterfeit parts on the market; shop wisely and you will get premium parts at low prices.

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